Some Random Scriabin-Derived Lines

Hit by a bout of insomnia last night I ended up listening to Scriabin's Piano Sonata No 7 and stealing bits from it to turn into jazz lines. Here are the slightly deranged results.

Here's the piece, with a score so you can steal your own stuff:

I did a few things here that I need to clarify.

First, I erased all his rhythmic information. This is a big part of the music, of course, but I was really interesting in getting at the pitch content.

Second, I've given some analysis that's entirely based on my attempt to see how I could have thought of these lines. This is not an attempt to describe whatever Scriabin was thinking about; I'm sure it wasn't most of this.

Third, I respelled his accidentals as I saw fit, which at 2am probably wasn't very logical. Certainly now they don't always agree with my analysis (e.g. I have a load of sharps and then I claim it's a Bb major arpeggio, or whatever). I'm not going to fix that for the sake of a quick note.

Oh, and there are probably mistakes, because it was 2am. But anyway the idea here is to see what you can adapt to your own playing, and nothing's a mistake if it sounds good.

The appearance of the Superaugmented scale not once but twice in this little selection makes me tempted to learn it, but I've got enough on my music stand already at the moment. Maybe later in the year I'll give it a closer look.