I think of myself as a composer first, a performer second, a music theorist not at all. This blog is mostly just me trying to find interesting materials to make new music with. Much of my methods and jargon are idiosyncratic, often on purpose because quirky names help me remember things. Obviously I hope you find something here you can use but you should learn theory from a proper book or teacher, not this scrappy compilation of personal notes.

My music since about 2008 is on Bandcamp. Earlier stuff is poorly-archived and unlikely to see the light of day but Phi Point is a collection things I managed to salvage from late '90s tapes that somehow survived; one of those tracks appeared on the first lowercase compilation.

In its early years this blog was very guitar-focused. I've played guitar since the mid-1980s but that's been tempered by a long-standing case of tendonitis and a sense that the guitar doesn't line up well with my active musical interests. Despite my long-standing relationship with guitar and improvisation, almost all the music I've released has been electronic compositions and over time this blog's content has shifted to reflect that.

This blog frequently goes quiet for a while but I'm always working on something.

You can email me at rich dot cochrane at-sign bigi dot org dot uk.