I'm (mostly) an educator and writer based in London. I teach at various London institutions primarily Central Saint Martins and City Lit.

I mostly teach and write about maths and coding in arts and humanities contexts. I'm the author of two popular maths books for Octopus Publishing Group. I run philosophy courses at City Lit alongside as my coding / maths stuff. I've taught music in the past but not a lot and not currently.

My music since about 2008 is on Bandcamp. Earlier stuff is poorly-archived and unlikely to see the light of day but Phi Point is a collection things I managed to salvage late '90s tapes that somehow survived; one of those tracks appears on the first lowercase compilation.

I've played guitar since the mid-1980s but that's been tempered by a long-standing case of tendonitis and a sense that the guitar doesn't feel very relevant to any of my active musical interests. Despite my long-standing relationship with guitar and improvisation, almost all the music I've released has been electronic compositions.

Minimum Labyrinth is my longstanding creative collaboration with Robert Kingham. Mostly this is writing but some of it's music and other things.

In my previous career (now well over a decade ago) I was a financial software engineer. I've done a lot of databases, websites and middleware / back end stuff. I work with gallery artists on technical projects from time to time. I also tinker with analogue electronics, mostly building things that do things to sounds. I have (separate) degrees in Literature and Mathematics and a PhD in Philosophy.

I don't really do social media but my LinkedIn profile gives a reasonable summary of my CV (i.e. things I actually get paid for) and is usually up to date.

You can email me at rich dot cochrane at-sign bigi dot org dot uk.