I'm (mostly) an educator and writer based in London. I teach at various institutions including Central Saint Martins, the Architecture Association, the Photographer's Gallery and City Lit.

I'm interested in mathematics as a set of creative, expressive and socio-historically located practices. I primarily teach and write about maths and coding in arts and humanities contexts. I'm the author of two popular maths books for Octopus Publishing Group and am working on a book about geometry and topology that might not be finished for a while. I have taught music in the past, but not a lot and not currently.

Minimum Labyrinth is my longstanding creative collaboration with Robert Kingham. Some of my music is on Bandcamp but that's now quite old; I've been rethinking my creative practice in music for a while and am not done with that process yet; during that time I've been sporadically doing spadework in music theory and combinatorics.

I've played guitar since the mid-1980s but that's been tempered by a long-standing case of tendonitis and a sense that the guitar doesn't feel very relevant to any of my active musical interests. Despite my long-standing relationship with guitar and improvisation, almost all the music I've released has been electronic compositions.

In my previous career (now well over a decade ago) I was a financial software engineer. I've done a lot of databases, websites and middleware / back end stuff. I still work with artists on technical projects from time to time. I also tinker with analogue electronics, mostly building things that do things to sounds. I have (separate) degrees in Literature and Mathematics and a PhD in Philosophy.

I don't really do social media but my LinkedIn profile gives a reasonable summary of my CV (i.e. things I actually get paid for) and is usually up to date.

You can email me at rich dot cochrane at-sign bigi dot org dot uk.