A few ii-V-I subs for the weekend

I've been messing about with various chord subs and voicings lately. Here are a few things I've been playing. They're mostly based on Coltrane changes, but they're not exactly that. I've written them out with voicings so even if you don't like the sub ideas themselves there might still be something to steal.

First, some options for the usual "Countdown" type of situation where you're replacing a whole 4-bar major ii-V-I:

Next some versions that land on a dominant chord, which for example you could use for the first four bars of a blues:

Finally some miscellaneous things -- a couple of diatonic subs I think I picked up off a Rick Beato video plus some bit washy pianistic things at the end, which aren't very jazzy but might get you into a Metheny-Mays kind of place in a pinch:

Have fun with these; I have more chordal stuff in the works but from a slightly different perspective.