"Days of Wine and Roses" Variation

Yesterday I had a Cm7 vamp in my looper (I was practicing these) and happened to glance over at the music stand, where my repertoire book was open at "The Days of Wine and Roses" (I like opening the book at random and playing through something to get warmed up). As a consequence, this happened.

Basically, I tried to play the melody of the song over the loop, and found myself making adjustments to the notes to make it fit the C minor tonality, but also to bring out some interesting dissonances as well.

I'm currently saying you can play this melody over either the standard changes or a Cm7 vamp, but the real fun happens when you mix the two up as you see fit. On Mancini's changes the melody is pretty dissonant in places, but in ways I quite enjoy.

Not sure what this is yet -- the germ of a new composition? It's very close to the original melody, so it would need some more development before I could call it that. Or is it just how I play this tune at the moment? Perhaps it's nothing more than a woodshed distraction.

incidentally, I'm playing the slides with an actual slide, but that's just because I'm enjoying doing a bit of that at the moment. Another distraction, but distractions can be good.