David Stern's 12-Tone Patterns

Here's one of those 10-page PDFs that will take you several lifetimes to explore, David Stern's "12-Tone Patterns". Being a Dropbox link, I recommend downloading it in case it disappears.

I haven't been able to learn much about the author, which I feel bad about because this document breaks things down in a really nice way. It's clearly influenced by Slonimsky's approach but it isn't the same.

In the suggested reading at the end, he mentions one of my favourite sourcebooks for practicing: Yusef Lateef's Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns. Here is a post about Lateef from Casa Valdez (where I learned of Stern's doc), with a great bit of jazz history and some references to chase up.

Of these, I'm planning to investigate Guy Lacour's etudes books; one is based on Messiaen's "modes of limited transposition" (which we call symmetrical scales). The other two volumes (50 studies each) seem not to state which scales they use. I might use them as sight-reading exercises and see what I discover.