Free VSTs

The following are plugins I've made available as 64-bit Windows VST3s. They're tested in Reaper but should work in any DAW that supports the format. As with any free software, use at your own risk -- my source code is on GitHub and you should be able to set up a project and build it pretty easily if you have some familiarity with JUCE. I don't have time to provide any support but the JUCE forum is usually helpful.

Galois: Mathematical Waveshaper

Download the VST3 here; source code is here.

  • Classic Buchla-style wave folding to zero and soft-knee through-zero folding (FOLD control)
  • Old-school CMOS logic emulation (BIT MASK)
  • Bit crushing and sample rate reduction (BIT CRUSH, S&H)
  • Soft clipping and gating (POWER)
  • Harmonic splatter (HARM FREQ, HARM AMOUNT)
  • Characterful resonant filter that can be set to HP, LP or BP and positioned before or after other processing (filter section, bottom right)
  • Input and output levels plus dry blend attenuverter (top row controls)
  • 31 waveforms for Geiger-Counter-style sample remapping (WAVE control, bottom right of the graphical display)
  • The processors can be arranged in any of 120 possible sequences to create variations on any patch (ALGO control, above the wave control)
  • 21 factory presents ranging from soft saturation to abrasive noise

Galois responds especially well to connecting its parameters to an LFO, MIDI expression controller or automation lane (check with your DAW how to do this). It loves chewing on sine waves, West Coast style, but also works well with guitar, piano and the like, especially in subtler settings. It's not trying to be an amp or tape simulator, though, it's its own thing.