Chromatic Tetrachord Covers

I recently revisisted this post and decided to smarten up some of the presentation. The idea is to take a common seventh chord and find all the ways to divide up the remaining 8 notes that aren't in it between another common seventh chord and some weird combination of the leftovers.

The results have some potential, I think, for creating movement on a static chord. They also provide one way into playing with all 12 notes in a compressed form while still using material that listeners will find familiar. I blatantly stole this idea from Bergs Violin Concerto (Shoenberg sometimes used it, too):

As you can hear, these make for good soloing vocabulary too -- see if you can steal some licks from the score as it goes by...

Anyway, here they are. I don't make any great claims for these particular voicings but at least they're quick and easy to play so you can get a sense of them; in many cases I would voice them a bit differently, either for ease of playing or for smoother voice-leading, but they'll do for a bit of woodshed experimentation.