"Have You Met Miss Jones" Reharm

All the hip cats are playing "Have You Met Miss Jones" because the B section has major third root movement very similar to "Giant Steps". That's fine but the A section is pretty vanilla. Here's my attempt to spice it up with the same kind of movement.

I've more or less just replaced the A section with the one from "Giant Steps" running at half speed.

There's a pretty strong clash in Bar 3 between the G in the melody and the G# in the chord, which can be fixed by playing this bar as A Maj 7 / G7 alt / . Or for a more modern sound try A Maj 7 / D7 sus 4 / going to Gm7 / C7 / in the next bar.

Overall, though, I think the logic of the progression carries us along and makes the dissonances palatable (but then, as with chilli, your tolerance for dissonance may vary).

Similarly, you can play Bar 7 as DbMaj7 / Db7#11 / if you want a smoother motion into the C7.

Here's a denser reharm using these ideas and a few others -- this works pretty well with the melody and is a lot of fun to solo over:

They also sound pretty good as a superimposition over the plain changes for soloing, although as usual you'll need to play around with them to figure out where the dangerous bends are.

...and if that's not hip enough for you, how about this? (Here "s4" is short for "sus 4")

(The B section is left as an exercise for the reader...)