Learn Diminished Licks From A Trumpet Player

Just wanted to pass on a quick recommendation of jazztrumpetlicks.com, a trumpet site by Greg "Sweets" London. Yes, I know, it's a trumpet site; well, we can learn from players of all instruments, and there are some very cool ideas here in "lick" form.

I'm not a big licks player, but some of these are really useful for opening up ideas about how to use different scales in a jazz context. I went there looking for ideas about use of the diminished scales and found all kinds of tasty stuff. Imaginative guitarists in all genres can learn something here: these ideas apply directly to blues and can be used in rock, too.

Here's a video sample -- the blog has dots and lines and some more info:

By the way, if you like learning from jazz trumpet players you should definitely check out Willie Thomas's material -- some is free on YouTube but he kind of has his own theoretical approach so to really understand it you may need to sign up for his online lessons.