New Album -The Archidoxes

Well, this has been sitting in a folder since late last year and I finally got round to exporting it, making a cover and doing all the online form-filling you have to go through to get an album out into the world.

It's a set of solo piano improvisations working with the kind of post-tonal twentieth century harmonies I've been obsessed with here for a while. I'm putting together a substantial book (or book-like thing) about that but it'll probably be years in the making -- this is the first practical expression of the newer stuff I've been working on over the last year.

There isn't a lot more to say about it; no big concept and not much theory to geek out about yet, although that will come. Enjoy, and spread the word about it if you can. It's available on Bandcamp now to stream for free or buy for cheap; it'll be on all the usual streaming services shortly.