Two New Albums on Soundcloud!

I've gathered up the electronic pieces I wrote over the last year or so and pulled them together into an album, entitled New Work. I've also put together Phi Point, a collection of archive recordings that are now unavailable and of which I'm still fond. Both are free to stream or download.

These are not "guitar albums" -- in fact there's very little guitar on either of them. You can hear some live, relatively unprocessed guitar on "New Work VI", "Milk" and "Bruno". There are a lot more sounds on these tracks that originated from a guitar but that's not obvious when listening to them.

The pieces on New Work all sit within a fairly conventional modernist classical style. The material on Phi Point is, for the most part, more experimental and might be a bit of a tougher listen.

New Work, by Rich Cochrane

Listen on Soundcloud.

1. New Work I, for orchestra (3.42)
2. New Work II, for ensemble (6.56)
3. New Work III, for percussion (6.12)
4. New Work IV, for ensemble (5.10)
5. New Work VI, for piano and electric guitar (4.03)
6. Old Work, for flute (4.56)
7. New Work VII, for strings, piano and harp (11.56)


Phi Point, by Rich Cochrane

Listen on Soundcloud.

1. Tuning Up (5.10)
2. Drift (6.27)
3. Glow (2.54)
4. Forest (4.42)
5. Milk (4.53)
6. Jabber (5.19)
7. Heyerdahl (3.51)
8. Duet (4.50)
9. Bruno (10.16)
10. La Bas (Lower Depths) (3:06)