Fun With Ring Modulators

As I mentioned before, I've been playing with Usine lately and doing some free VST effect processing on the guitar. This has enabled me to indulge my love of ring modulators, so I recorded a demo of two free ones you can try out.

The two effects are Killer Ringer and Ear Wring, and I try out two different settings for each. Killer Ringer is, for me, more of a classic ring mod sound; Ear Wring does more deranged, sitorted, extreme sounds and I'm not against that in any way at all:

The music is just me noodling -- lots of Slonimsky patterns, exotic scales and general atonality. I ended up giving the Ear Wring a lot more time not because I liked it more but because I sort of got carried away.

If you want to hear a ring mod being really scary, check out Stockhausen's Mikrophonie II, in which a ring mod turns a choir and hammond organ into a sort of haunted forest: